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When trying to get a house from the listing category to the sold status there are usually some blatantly obvious tips to pay attention to. I’m not talking about having a borrower overhaul landscaping or paint walls or even replace ugly old wallpaper. Yes those are always good ideas and your customers will sometimes listen to you, the trained professional, and tackle these minor projects prior to the first showing. What I am talking about is even more basic than that and these upgrades require zero dollars out of your client’s pocket. I’m talking about getting the house cleaned from top to bottom.
A lot of successful salespeople pride themselves on their ability to have a conversation with anyone. Being able to speak and listen to people from all walks of life is tremendously important when you earn your income via sales. People want to feel special. By taking an interest in your customer’s lives you can often get a person beyond that “prospect” status and one step closer to the “closed” status.
A bright home is a cheery home and a cheery home doesn’t stay on the market very long. One of the most important things you can do regarding the natural light in your home
Remember that first impressions are always critical. As a potential buyer walks toward your house one of the first things they see is the driveway. If you have oil stains or leaks on your cement driveway the buyer will look down and notate this negative aspect of your home. There are usually minor negatives with every house and you don’t want to put something negative in their heads before they enter your home. Instead, spend a few minutes with Drano or any high powered liquid cleaner and sweep those old stains away. Please use caution and read all manufacturers’ warnings before you begin this task.
Looking for a new house can be an exciting time. Whether it is your first starter home, a new upgrade where you and your family can spend the next 20 years or downsizing to a more easily managed property, canvassing prospective neighborhoods for your new digs will most assuredly keep you busy. Quite often it is in the details that a will separate a savvy buyer from a person who paid too much.
We have all experienced the smooth as butter real estate transaction. We have also experienced the nightmare transaction. While it would appear to be common sense that no one would prefer the latter, quite often the simple steps needed to ensure this smooth transaction are either left to chance or are even ignored.
Your favorite chair. You’ve had it for years. You have watched countless movies, read books, and viewed some amazing sporting events from the comfort of that chair. You have enjoyed the chair as you have entertained family and friends and it has served you well. Maybe it was even a family heirloom or a hand me down to start with.
You’ve finally taken the plunge and participated in the American Dream of home ownership. Forward ahead 2, 10, 20 years or even longer. The odds are that at some point down the road you will sell that house. There are a few things that you must consider when selling your slice of the American Dream.
NAR President Gary Thomas testified recently on Capitol Hill, urging Congress to change the 3% cap on points and fees in the Qualified Mortgage rule that takes effect in 2014. He asked them to instead pass the Consumer Mortgage Choice Act, legislation essential to maintain competition and choice in mortgage origination - legislation that keeps homeownership affordable. Watch Gary's latest podcast.
Your favorite chair. You’ve had it for years. You have watched countless movies, read books, and viewed some amazing sporting events from the comfort of that chair.
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