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Bike safety for you and/or your kids.

We’ve all heard the jokes about when we were young  the only kids who wore helmets when riding their bikes  had just recovered from a bad head injury. Yet the injury statistics are overwhelming and it is just common sense to try and be as safe as possible when enjoying time on a bicycle. Here are a few tips you may not have been aware of:

    1.) Turn off the phone. An unexpected loud ring can be enough to distract even an experienced cyclist. And please make sure you take it one step further and never have a conversation on a telephone while you are riding.

2.)    Take care of your helmets. Make sure you store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. If you consistently store your helmet in the trunk of your car it will lose its effectiveness. Also, your helmet should be replaced every few years regardless of whether or not you have had an accident. It only takes one unexpected spill to discover that your helmet is not offering you as much protection as it should be.

3.)    Keep your tires inflated. A flat tire can cause you or your child to lose their balance and control. Bad things happen when this happens.

4.)    Listen and look. Riding while listening to headphones can be an enjoyable experience yet it can also be quite dangerous. Leave the iPod at home and use it at the gym only. Get used to using mirrors on your bikes or helmets and you won’t have to worry about those bad drivers out there who never seem to notice bicyclists.

Riding defensively and teaching your children to do the same is a key element of prudent, bike safety. I am always interested in hearing about safety tips for outdoor activities. Feel free to call my office and let me know of others you may know about.

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