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What is important in your new house?

Looking for a new house can be an exciting time. Whether it is your first starter home, a new upgrade where you and your family can spend the next 20 years or downsizing to a more easily managed property, canvassing prospective neighborhoods for your new digs will most assuredly keep you busy. Quite often it is in the details that a will separate a savvy buyer from a person who paid too much.

For instance, if you are someone who grew up with a swimming pool and would love to enjoy the benefits of your own watery oasis in the summer sun then make sure that you put a swimming pool on the list of amenities included with the house. An in ground pool with a landscaped back yard and complete fencing could set you back $50,000 or more if you hired the contractor yourself. Let the original owner assume that cost. Just because they put $50,000 into the pool doesn’t mean that their house should sell for $50,000 more than a comparable property.

The same could be said for granite countertops, tile flooring or exotic wood cabinets. Often a seller thinks their house will command a higher sales price because they just put on a new roof and/ or new windows. But every house needs a roof and windows so if that is important to you then look for properties that have these upgrades and you will enjoy the benefits of these items without having to pay for them yourself.

For other ways you may be able to make your purchasing dollars stretch farther, please feel free to contact me in my office at your convenience.

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