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The Garage is your Home

Remember that first impressions are always critical. As a potential buyer walks toward your house one of the first things they see is the driveway. If you have oil stains or leaks on your cement driveway the buyer will look down and notate this negative aspect of your home. There are usually minor negatives with every house and you don’t want to put something negative in their heads before they enter your home. Instead, spend a few minutes with Drano or any high powered liquid cleaner and sweep those old stains away. Please use caution and read all manufacturers’ warnings before you begin this task.

Now that you have handled this task on the outside of your home, make sure you also address the issue inside your garage as well. Do your best to clean and organize your garage. You are going to have to handle this task anyway so do it now instead of after you begin showing your home. The garage for most of us is a place to accumulate those things that you normally wouldn’t put inside your home. Old cans, broken garden hoses and bits of lumber from some long ago project have probably found a home in the corner of your garage. Now is the time to clean out these items.

If it isn’t an item that will garner a place on the moving truck get rid of it now. One of the places a home buyer will most certainly look is the garage

A clean organized space in a place that is typically messy and unorganized will put the prospective customer at ease. If the seller takes care of their garage this way then the upkeep on the rest of the house must also be well cared for is what they will think. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call me in my office.

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