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Clean It - Sell It

When trying to get a house from the listing category to the sold status there are usually some blatantly obvious tips to pay attention to. I’m not talking about having a borrower overhaul landscaping or paint walls or even replace ugly old wallpaper. Yes those are always good ideas and your customers will sometimes listen to you, the trained professional, and tackle these minor projects prior to the first showing. What I am talking about is even more basic than that and these upgrades require zero dollars out of your client’s pocket. I’m talking about getting the house cleaned from top to bottom.

Nobody wants to be told that they live in a dirty house, but suggesting to your client that if they pay some extra attention to these details that their house may sell more efficiently then your job becomes easier as well. First and foremost is if a borrower has a pet. Millions of people suffer from pet allergies and Fluffy’s cat hair can kill a sale almost as fast as Rovers droppings in the back yard. Get the carpets and furniture thoroughly cleaned and if you have heavy drapes that keep light out and pet dander in that is no good. Have your client hire a dog walker if you have to but get the pets out of the house when showing the property.

Make sure the client has exhausted all of their supply of elbow grease before showing the property to even one prospect. Scrub showers and sinks and a good dose of bleach in a stationary tub can go a long way toward removing year’s worth of stains. Get those hardwood floors shining and make sure all cobwebs are vacuumed out of the nooks and crannies. Thin out the contents of closets and have your prospect leaving a room remembering how spacious a closet is as opposed to how much junk the seller has accumulated. And make sure they don’t forget the windows.

Common sense dictates that a prospect leaving a sparkling house will think that the house is well maintained in other areas that cannot be spruced up with some elbow grease. Every little bit of positive energy helps as you are well aware. I’m sure there are many other items I am forgetting and I would love to hear what other cleaning tricks you employ. Please feel free to contact me at my office whenever you like.

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